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Optimum Movement and Recovery

We teamed up with Dr. Kelly Starrett and the MobilityWOD experts to develop the Optimum Movement and Recovery report, your DNA-fuelled guide to recovery and injury prevention.


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Athletigen has partnered with the world-leading experts in athletic therapy and training to bring you the Optimum Movement and Recovery report.

This product uses your DNA data to target regions of the body and movements that have increased injury risk and also includes advice and techniques, with a video series from Dr. Kelly Starrett and his MobilityWOD team, to help keep you moving without pain or injury. Empower yourself with this information and find out how you are Made For More™.

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Get Moving

Optimize your Mobility. Prevent Injury. Train Smarter. Recover Better.

What’s in it for you?

The Optimum Movement and Recovery report is approximately 30 pages (it differs based on your DNA) and analyzes over 70 markers to provide insight into 25 traits.

Injury Prevention

The Optimum Movement and Recovery report uses your DNA data to target regions of the body and movements that have increased injury risk.

Valuable Insights

Understanding your DNA can help you to balance risk versus reward and optimize your training and lifestyle to account for your body's unique needs.

Train Smarter

Tailor your workout routines by learning how your DNA affects your ability to recover after exercise.

Video Content

The research team at Athletigen worked closely with the experts at MobilityWOD to bring you over 40 hours of video content!

Report Topics

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Injury Risk

There are multiple factors that influence injury risk, including training and physical techniques, and your genetics. Knowing how your genetic variants influence your injury risks can help you tailor your training to lower these risks with proper form and strength training.

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Bone Health

Understand your likelihood of injury from a genetic perspective, and learn how you can adapt to your environment to mitigate this risk, keeping you healthy and mobile as you age.

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Joint Health

Keeping your joints healthy can help you enjoy an active lifestyle for many years. Find out how your actions, combined with the influence of your genes, can influence your risk of suffering from stiff and sore joints.

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Muscular Health

Understanding how your DNA can influence your physical fitness can give you a boost to target sports or activities that might be most suitable for your strengths, as well as help you understand your risk of muscular-related injuries, and how to take preventative measures.

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Exercise Recovery

The recovery period is when your body adapts the most – but the amount of recovery you'll need depends on your goals, your unique physiology and your DNA. Understanding how much recovery time you require is crucial to keeping your tissues and muscles happy, as well as performing to the best of your abilities.

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Sleep Hygiene

No matter who you are, getting enough sleep can make or break your recovery. Use the information in this section to ensure that you take the right steps to give your body the right amount of sleep.

“The Optimum Movement and Recovery report is a roadmap to your human potential.”

– Dr. Kelly Starrett, MobilityWOD Founder

Kelly Starrett