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Athletigen has partnered with one of the world's premier athletic training centers to bring you the ALTIS Sport Performance Report.

Get expert advice and recommendations from ALTIS head coach Dan Pfaff, who has coached multiple athletes to gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships.


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The ALTIS Sport Performance Report is approximately 35 pages (it differs based on your DNA) and analyzes over 50 markers to provide insight into 22 traits.

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More strength, more flexibility, more endurance, more speed, more goals, more wins, more life.


What is ALTIS?

The ALTIS intimate training environment is the only place for individual development of the elite track and field athlete. ALTIS’ training principles span 30 countries through thousands of athletes who have either visited ALTIS or who train with any of the hundreds of world-leading coaches that travel to ALTIS to learn their principles.


Who is Dan Pfaff?

Dan Pfaff has been the head coach at ALTIS since 2013. He is an internationally recognized educator/coach with 44 years of experience. Specifically, he was the director of both the United States Olympic Training Center and the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in the United Kingdom, and has coached multiple athletes to gold medals at the Olympics and the World Championships.

Report Topics

Factors that influence endurance performance, including:

Cellular energy

Cardiovascular performance

VO2 Max

Muscular adaptation

Factors that could give you a boost in power and speed, including:

Muscle growth and adaptation

Muscular energy and metabolism

Oxygen carrying capacity

Other factors that could impact your training:

Response to caffeine

Body temperature change

Hydration and electrolytes

Learn how you can take athletic performance to the next level.

“Athletigen showed me how DNA can be used to help people achieve world-class performance.”

– Dan Pfaff, 10-time Olympic Coach

Dan Pfaff