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Ian Zinck

By Dr. Ian Zinck

PhD, Human Performance Geneticist

Kristen Zendran

Kristen Zendran

RHN, PN1, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Scott Logan

Scott Logan

MSc, Kinesiologist

Jeremy Koenig

Dr. Jeremy Koenig

PhD, Nutrigenomic and Human Performance Geneticist

"Evidence-based professional practice shows that clients achieve better health and performance outcomes when they share their data with a qualified professional or coach."

- Precision Nutrition, Genetics: The Universe Within

Why Add DNA to Your Coaching Services?


Simply put, DNA will help you be a better coach.

The best coaches are those who truly understand their clients. Having access to the detailed information found in Athletigen’s DNA reports will give you insights into the genetic blueprint of your client and will help you make more informed decisions.


Gain a competitive advantage.

The DNA analysis industry is in a period of high growth, but the DNA coaching industry is still in its infancy. This is your opportunity to be a first-mover in the DNA coaching industry and offer a service that no other coaches are offering.


Earn money.

After you’ve been certified as an AthletigenPro, you’ll earn 25 percent of every Athletigen product that you sell. No strings attached.

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What the handbook contains:

Section 1

An introduction to Athletigen

Section 2

An overview of genetics and DNA

Section 3

How Athletigen works

Section 4

Why you should add DNA to your coaching business

Section 5

How to get started

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