Lacey Henderson

United States - 100m & Long Jump

Lacey was just nine years old when her leg was amputated above the knee in a lifesaving measure after the diagnosis of a rare soft tissue tumor in her knee. Raised with the mindset that if you want something in life you’ll find a way to make it happen – no matter the odds against you – an energetic and active Lacey didn’t hesitate to take on the toughest of challenges.

“You need to be educated, not only about your sport – but about yourself.”

It was just four years ago that the 26-year old began competing in track and she is quickly making her mark. Currently the American record holder in her competition categories for the 200m and the long jump, Lacey also has her sights on breaking the American record for the 100m.

Mindful that her experiences can make a powerful difference in the lives of others, Lacey has joined forces with ccThrive as an ambassador working to redefine what it means to survive childhood cancer. She also devotes considerable time to mentoring teenage girls dealing with body image issues exacerbated by their limb differences, letting her example guide them to a greater confidence and recognition of their endless potential. See her TedX Talk about her competitive spirit.

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