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Athletigen Technologies Inc. is transforming the future for how athletes train. From a simple saliva sample our interpretive bioinformatics algorithm provides a sports-based DNA analysis direct-to-consumers. Athletigen’s easy-to-use, actionable dashboard identifies how a person’s genetics specifically affects their athleticism, nutrition and sports psychology, and creates a personalized blueprint for precision performance.

The platform is built on an extensive database of genetic indicators scientifically curated from nearly two-decades of sports genetics research. A true pioneer in performance genomics innovation, Athletigen captures genetic information in addition to valuable, rare, and useful phenotypic information from our community of elite performers. Strategically positioned at the intersection between nature and nurture, Athletigen is dedicated to harnessing the power of science to help athletes reach their potential and reset the boundaries of human performance and health.


Founded: 2012

Total employees: 26

Headquarters: Halifax, NS

Employee locations: Halifax, Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, India, Arizona

Website: www.athletigen.com

Company Mission: To accelerate discovery and improve the lives of all humans.


  • Founded in 2012 by Dr. Jeremy Koenig
  • Athletigen sponsored five Olympic athletes in their quest for the Rio 2016 games
  • The Athletigen DNA test analyzes 618 performance markers for traits related to athletics, injury susceptibility, nutrition, and sport psychology
  • Athletigen’s partners include ALTIS, Affymetrix, Baylor Football and Skullcandy
  • Athletigen has had hired seven Dalhousie co-op students for a total of eleven work-terms since the company’s inception
  • Athletigen has attracted talent to Halifax across the globe, including India, Edmonton, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Boston.


Bryce Crosby Marketing & Communications Manager

T: 902.440.2957 E: bryce.crosby@athletigen.com


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