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About Athletigen

At Athletigen we are building the F1-Race car of genomics. The evolution of our product is driven by intense user research conducted with world class and Olympic athletes, as well as the professionals who train them. As are result, we give high-performers the chance to celebrate their differences and truly nurture their nature. Furthermore, knowing how biological systems perform is a paradigm shift in how we approach healthcare problems. That is, rather than asking “why is this broken” Athletigen seeks to understand how our “human technology” works during peak performance.

Nurture Your Nature

Sports genetics is a growing field that explores the influence your genes have on your athletic performance. Athletigen is a leader in this emerging field, providing users with an opportunity to explore their genetic profiles relating to athletics, nutrition and sports psychology, while providing recommendations for improved performance based on their ever changing environment.

Iris, our latest product, is the intersection between nature and nurture. It considers both an athlete’s genetic traits combined with their daily environment. Using cutting-edge sports science, Iris provides insights to help coaches and athletes reach their highest levels of performance.

Who We Are

Currently there are 23 employees at Athletigen across several departments ranging from Science, Engineering, Admin, Marketing & Sales:

  • Pam Bourke – HR & Administration Manager
  • Christian Bowyer – Software Engineer
  • Martin Bruchanov – DevOps Engineer
  • Bryce Crosby – Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Heather Hamilton – Sales Manager
  • Samuel Huwiler – Front Engineer
  • Nehil Jain – Software Engineer
  • Lauren Johnston – Research Assistant
  • Casey Jones – Marketing & Research
  • Dr. Jeremy Koenig – Founder & CEO
  • Kate-Lynn MacPhail – Software Engineer
  • Jon Mann – Social Media, Video and Copy Coordinator
  • Jeremy Moule – Finance Manager
  • Nathan Navidzadeh – Research Associate
  • Ryan Pan – Full Stack Developer
  • Selvam Palanimalai – Front Engineer
  • Mitchell Scott – Account Manager
  • Jessica Thomson – Graphic Designer
  • Josh Kidd – UI Designer
  • Marcel van Eeden – Product Manager
  • Simon Watts – Sport Scientist
  • Dr. Ian Zinck – Head of Science
  • Jason Cross, Engineer
  • Shubham Gupta, Bioinformatician

Board Members

John Pereira

John Pereira is a proven leader with a passion for new technologies and the Web as it applies to breaking down traditional business barriers. Prior to joining the team at Athletigen, John spent 4 years as the Senior Manager of Operations Integration at He then moved to the role of VP, Business Development & Ad Ops before becoming VP of AncestryDNA. Providing strategic insight for facilitating the development & growth of the Athletigen product, John provides the experience necessary to infiltrate a new and emerging market segment of athlete genomics.

John also spent 7 years as a Naval Officer as Navigator of the USS Reid for the US Navy.

Patrick Wilkison

Patrick Wilkison currently leads the cloud computing business at Western Digital, the world’s largest data storage component company, prior to which he led the product team at STEC, a high performance solid state storage pioneer. Pat has extensive experience in envisioning and enabling new high growth markets. His professional history spans operational, investor and advisory roles, wherein he delivered tangible outsized profitability on prudent, measured investments. Prior to these roles, Pat was a member of Barclays/Lehman Brothers Technology Investment Banking Group advising technology companies of various sizes in matters of M&A and Corporate Finance. Pat commenced his career as an Aviator/helicopter pilot and aviation strategic planning officer in the U.S. Army.

Dr. Jeremy Koenig, Founder & CEO

Dr. Jeremy Koenig was a varsity track and field athlete while completing his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Following graduate school, Dr. Koenig pursued Postdoctoral training in genetics at Cornell University. He was a Professor of Nutrigenomics at Mount St. Vincent University before moving to the biomedical industry to work on developing and commercializing a genetic screen for fertility. In addition, Dr. Koenig has more than 10-years of experience coaching professional athletes. He founded Athletigen in 2012 and continues to combine his passion for sport performance with his formal training in genetics. His mission, and Athletigen’s, is to accelerate scientific discovery through the delivery and application of genetics to every human.

  • “If we know where you’re weak, we can make you strong.”
    – Dr. Jeremy Koenig, Sports Illustrated, How far are athletes willing to go to gain an edge on the gridiron?, October, 2015
  • “Professional athletes are people, and they should be respected as such; their information is private.”
    – Dr. Jeremy Koenig, Sports Illustrated, How far are athletes willing to go to gain an edge on the gridiron?, October, 2015
  • “Genes matter and your environment matters. The more that you know about both of those things, the more informed decisions you can make.”
    – Dr. Jeremy Koenig
  • “We are working with world class athletes and coaches to know what is the most useful information for our customers – particularly athletes who have dealt with injury. Even if it is just low-level inflammation, we can learn from our genetics how to personalize rehabilitation and rest.”
    – Dr. Jeremy Koenig
  • “We want Athletigen to be simple to use, but to also have the academic rigour to satisfy the demands of a Ph.D.”
    – Dr. Jeremy Koenig

Our Iris Platform

Iris Athlete App

The Iris Athlete app provides insights to help understand an athlete’s unique training needs, mitigate injury and increase performance.

Genetic foundation

Iris provides easily applicable genetic information related to traits in athletics, nutrition and sport psychology.

Personalized insights

By combining genetics with monitoring data, Iris generates insights to help adapt training over time.

Prioritized data

When there are fluctuations in sleep, stress, mood, training load or other metrics over time, Iris prioritizes what needs immediate attention & action.

App Features:

  • MyDNA – Explore genetic traits related to athletics, nutrition & sport psychology.
  • Wellness Survey – Capture daily wellness data including: training load, sleep (quantity & quality), mood, motivation, energy, stress, appetite, hunger, soreness/stiffness, and injury.
  • Reaction Time Test – Track fluctuations in mental fatigue to determine alertness each day.
  • Dashboard – Visualize trends based on daily inputs to see response to training over time.


Iris Coach App

The Iris Coach app empowers coaches with actionable insights to help adjust training specific to each athlete’s unique needs.


Iris Coach displays individual trends for each athlete and provides insights specific to their genetic foundation and monitoring data.

Athlete prioritization

Save time by taking action on prioritized athletes first to address trends affecting their training.

Actionable insights

Based on fluctuations in stress, mood, sleep, training load and more, Iris Coach provides actionable insights specific to each metric.

App Features

  • Team Overview – See how your entire team is responding to training over time.
  • Watchlist – Prioritized list of athletes requiring immediate attention each day, based on training load, sleep, mental fatigue and more.
  • Athlete Dashboards – Dive deeper into each athlete’s data to view acute & chronic insights and explore how their DNA affects their training needs.


“In today’s NHL, simply working hard is not enough. Using Athletigen ensure that I am exhausting my efforts in the right direction. Knowing my genetics means that there is no wasted effort. Athletigen has shown me that they are working just as hard as I am. It feels good to work with a company that is so invested in being the best.” – Brad Marchand, Boston Bruins

“Athletigen provides valuable genetic profiling and integrative feedback in athletic, nutritional and psychological pillars, enhancing my performance potential as a pole vaulter. Understanding my genetic makeup allows me to recognize my strengths and nurture opportunities for growth. It’s amazing to work with a passionate and personable organization to interpret cutting-edge genetic data and apply it to my training.” – Heather Hamilton, Canadian Champion Pole Vaulter

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