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Introducing Iris™: Nurture Your Nature

Iris is at the intersection between nature and nurture. It considers both an athlete’s genetic traits combined with their daily environment. Using cutting-edge sports science, Iris provides insights to help coaches and athletes reach their highest levels of performance.

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Are you an athlete looking for an edge over your competition? We want to help. To join Team Athletigen is to join a community of the most elite coaches and athletes in the world.

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We are currently collaborating with athletes on their journey to Brazil as part of our research into athlete performance. Learn more about some of our athletes and how we are helping them honor their commitment.

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We drive innovation through education and collaboration with the best organizations in genetics, sport, nutrition and human performance.

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We are a group of scientists and athletes building products based on years of personal experience and education. We understand the struggles athletes face to perform at their highest levels and use this knowledge in every aspect of our technology.


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