DNAWOD is an exclusive group of athletes helping us to drive discovery and develop new ways to integrate genetic insights into training. You also get access to exclusive content each week, covering specifically how your genetics can be used to influence your training, helping you reach your goals. Most importantly, by joining us you are helping to unlock a deeper level of how genetics influences performance.

By joining DNAWOD, you get:

  • First public access to the Iris Athlete app (iOS only)
  • 15% discount when you pre-order DNA kits before December 1st
  • Weekly content showing you how to apply genetics to your training
  • Opportunities to shape the future development of the Iris platform
  • Ability to participate in research to help drive new discoveries

If you’re ready to take full control and join the digital health revolution, fill out the form below and use the required reservation code to get full access to everything DNAWOD has to offer.


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