Sport Scientist/Exercise Physiologist

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Are you a Sports Scientist or Exercise Physiologist interested in using your expertise to help build innovative products that will reshape the world of sports genetics?

As part of the team, you are expected to play a critical role in bringing genetics and sport science together by:

  • Working directly with the genetics team to create a collection of engaging online articles that express how different genetic variants affect sports nutrition, physiology and psychology
  • Working with geneticists, engineers and product managers to inform product development.
  • Collaborating with coaches and athletes to derive personalized recommendations based on sport science and genetics.
  • Interpreting genetic & phenotypic data with scientists to deliver information to coaches in an easy to understand and intuitive way.
  • Designing and conduct experiments that combine genetic testing with individual responses to training.
  • Engaging in cutting edge research collaborations with outside partners and be involved in high impact scientific publications that expand our knowledge of genetics and sport performance.

Skills you bring

  • Ability to leverage knowledge in physiology, psychology and biochemistry to improve athletic performance outcomes for individual athletes and teams.
  • Experience working with coaches and athletes to tailor training programs for athletes participating in different types of sports (e.g. endurance versus power training).
  • Keen interest in learning more how sport science is affected by genetics and molecular biology
  • Strong networking ability to build relationships with high performance coaches across different types of sports.
  • Strong writing ability to effectively communicate to users how genetics affects sport performance.

We empower our employees to take independent initiative, to be creative with their problem solving and to be drivers of progress.  We believe good ideas can come from anyone regardless of their background and experience level.  Sound like a home for you? Send us your resume and help us unite and inspire the world.

Hours: Full-time
Contact: Please send a resume and cover letter to


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